About Unibest Agro


  • 2003

    Unibest Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded, specialized in chemical products.

  • 2007

    Unibest (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was founded engaging in R&D of key intermediates.


  • 2010

    Unibest (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. took holding in Shanghai Qinlong Chemical Co., Ltd. and put into commercial production.

  • 2013

    Ningbo Adviture International Trading Co., Ltd. was set up, exporting healthy environmental protection products.

  • 2016

    Unibest took shares in Hunan Kerey and Xian CJOE.

  • 2019

    The sales volume has also seen a reapid increase, with an average annual rate of not less than 30%. In 2018, we got a breakthrough record of USD 50 million.




Unibest logo consists of three pieces of half-moon embracing a drop of water, three pieces of half-moon comes from three semi-circles of “U” and “B”, which represents the three core values, excellence, win-win and integrity. While a drop of water in the middle represents the chemical production we deal in, following green principle with sustainable development (food health and environmental protection).

You Bei De (Unibest in Chinese) Paraphrase

You (Excellence): “the movement of heaven is full of power, thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring”, that is Heaven.

Bei (Win-win):”create a multi win-win situation”, that is Mankind.

De (Integrity): The earth’s condition is receptive devotion thus the superior man who has breadth of character carries the outer world”, that is Earth.

UNI: unique and irreplaceable core value

BEST: keep improving with dedicated precise and proficient “craftsman spirit”


    integration of resources and increasing efficiency by cooperation


    information sharing and benefits multiplication


    be initiative and innovative


    self-breakthrough and challenge the limit


    results-oriented and prioritized


    better understanding of each other and achieving win-win outcomes


    green energy-saving, be safe and efficient