Unibest Shanghai Co. Ltd was founded in 2007 in Shanghai.

Area of laboratory is 2000 square meter, and now totaled 20+ Scientist (3 PhD.)

We have  15 years experience in customized Service mainly engaged in the process development of post-patented pesticides, the development of new formulations (including mixtures), and differential recipes to fully meet the market need.

R&D partners &universities: Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, etc


Response to production, research and development of diversified formulations and various products, the company established a testing center according to high standards, and equipped multiple liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer, laser particle sizer, mobile potentiometer, electron microscope, conductivity meter, moisture meter, flash point tester, PH meter, viscosity meter, oscillation instrument (determination of dropping rate of seed coating agent), centrifugal sedimentation analyzer (determination of centrifugal stability), constant temperature water-bathing boiler, water-bathing test tube heat instrument (emulsion analysis), blast dry box (thermal storage test of products), refrigeration and cooler boxes (low-temperature storage test of products), density meter and electronic balance, etc. and other advanced testing instruments. Meeting technical index testing of various formulations. All quality inspectors major in Analysis and have accumulated many years of experience. Perfect operation standard and management policy of quality inspection center energetically safeguards tests of raw materials, in-process product and final product and sewage.

Subdivision and standardization of product quality indexes: FAO Standard prepared by UN FAO is generally used as a quality index of exported pesticide products. FAO Standard was prepared in full consideration of diversity of requirements for pesticide quality in different countries and regions, particularity of ocean transportation and scope of test error at a lower and broader standard. During the practical trades, we usually prepare quality with FAO Standard as an objective basis, based on customer’s requirements and quality target that we can meet and with reference to quality target of equivalent products manufactured by international pesticide companies. Moreover, actual test result of our products is generally higher than the prescribed target. With increasing emerging of new pesticide formulations and new types, product quality index changes accordingly. More and more indexes appear in our product technology index, such as suspension viscidity index, lasting foam quality, pourability, drop rate, suspension seed coating agent, measurement of particle size distribution, suspension layering index, cold storage index in frigid zone, rigidity index of WDG and collapse index.

Content of technical material is the most important factor affecting preparation processing quality. High quality products are only made from high quality technical material. Technical material with lower content, more foreign substance, and high acidity will cause different impacts on different formulations, such as powder dispersibility, nonconforming PH value, bad stability and difficulty in sedimentation of flocs in emulsifiable concentrate, poor transparency and deeper external color. The Company uniformly purchases technical material with contents around 95%. The applicability to formulation varies with synthesis processes of different manufactures of the same technical material. Difference of technical material appearance also affects appearance of preparations. Therefore, it is an important part to ensure the quality of preparation by screening technical material from the same variety of different manufacturers.