Unibest has core advantage in using technological innovation to Increase efficiency and effectiveness, save cost and improve EHS

1) R&D technologies

-- New ROS development (Glufosinate, new MDP route reduced the intermediate cost to half, very competitive compared to Bayer's BASTA)

-- Process optimization such as flow chemistry, enzymatic method for synthesis

-- Customized service for formulation research&development (including mixtures) and recipes by providing differential solutions to fully meet the market need (pyraclostrobin+tebuconazole, good choice to compete with pyraclostrobin+epoxyconazole from BASF)

2) New technologies for environmental protection-- LTS (low temperature supercritical) for waste treatment

Unibest is constantly working to reduce environmental footprint as environmental care has been a part of our core philosophy since inception and is practiced in our daily business across the value chain.

3) Digital techniques to reduce farmer’s labor cost